What to Look For In Fire-Resistant Clothing

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Firemen in full gearProtective clothing is an essential requirement in workplaces where extreme heat and fire is a likely hazard. Safety equipment supplies from Esko like fire retardant clothing is necessary to employees working in these conditions. When buying protective clothing, here’s what you need to consider:

Level of Protection Offered

Fire resistant (FR) clothing has a rating system according to the degree of protection they provide. The Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) measures the amount of heat the fabric can protect you from. It is the energy amount that has a 50% probability of causing second or third-degree burns if allowed to pass through the material. The higher the rating, the better the garment can protect you from an arc fault.


FR garments made from 100% cotton are acceptable if their weight is suitable for the electric arc and flame conditions that the worker is exposed to. Natural fibres will not usually melt hence wool and silk are ideal options. The best FR fabric is the one that can extinguish itself quickly before the fire gets onto the wearer’s skin.


There are specific guidelines how much information FR clothing labels should have. The label should include instructions on garment care, clothing name, and the manufacturer’s name. Any warnings and precautions should also be indicated on the label along with its ATPV.

When protecting your workers from fire hazards, it is best to play it safe when buying FR clothing. You must comply with official safety standards to avoid unnecessary injury or loss of life. Also, remember to train your employees on the use, maintenance and cleaning of the FR clothing.

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