3 Ways to Create Quiet Spaces for Toddlers

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A cute toddler biting on a teetherJust like adults, many children can enjoy a lot of great benefits from having quiet spaces whether at home or in daycare centers. These quiet spaces are where they go if they want to read a book in silence, take a break when they are tired, or spend time alone, especially if they are sad.

Quiet areas can be crucial in helping them develop and control their own behaviors and emotions. Here are some tips on how you can create a quiet space for your child at home.

Go For Comfort

Adults have reading nooks and the biggest element is a comfortable chair. For toddler quiet areas, you can make use of daycare beds you can buy from online vendors such as playnlearn.co.nz, beanbags, or even simple cushions. The key is to make sure the area is comfortable for your kid.

You can also add carpeting, soft blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals to make the area more inviting. If it is a place for reading, make sure there is a reading lamp available.

Make It a Pretend-Play Space

Your kid’s quiet space can also double as a pretend-play space where he can let his imaginations run freely. You can add some props such as a play kitchen, doll houses, shelves with toys, and more. Make it a space where you child can play alone without getting bored.

There are many benefits to active play, but there are also great benefits to pretend play.

Label the Quiet Space

It is important to keep calling the space the “Quiet Area” or a “Quiet Space” so your toddler knows what the space is for. Encourage him or her to use this space daily, creating a routine. In fact, you can even enlist his or her help in creating this space.

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For instance, you can create a “glamping” style quiet space for your daughter and ask her to pick her favorite toys for decoration.

Building that quiet space for your kid can also become a great bonding moment. So create that space today in your home and enjoy the great benefits it can bring.