Quick Cash for an Emergency: Where and How to Get It

Posted on by Ink Well Mag

Quick CashThe tried and tested formula for having more money is saving and avoiding spending it on things you don’t need. Keep your money under the mattress, in a bank account, or in an investment vehicle; the idea is to have something to take out and use if the need arises.

However, not everyone can save huge amounts and not all savings accounts last. There are situations that you may find yourself in where the cash is short but the expenses are mounting. Emergency medical situations, an unexpected bill, a loved one in need – any of these can happen to anyone.

There are ways to raise some cash the legitimate way, though, which should be good news if you ever have an emergency for which money is needed. Here are some suggestions:

Sell your Stuff

If you have a large network of friends, a neighborhood with some money, or a huge following on Instagram, you might be able to get the money quickly even if you have to organize a sale of your own belongings. Furniture typically fetches more than other things in your house, but you can also include clothes you don’t use anymore(if they are still in great condition), rare comic books, books you’ve read, shoes, a bicycle, and more. The secret is to sell them for cheap – well, cheap enough to make them irresistible to shoppers, but not too cheap that you won’t even raise half of what you need. Just toss items according to your perceived value into separate boxes and price them according to box.

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Call in a Favor

Perhaps you once loaned someone some money or did them a favor sometime in the past. Now is the time for them to return the favor. Call your friend or family who owes you and ask if they can help you out this time. It would be great if they can help you, but if not, don’t hold a grudge. Move on to the next person in your phonebook. Or move on to the next item on this list.

Get a Loan

It may take some time to apply for a huge loan with your bank, but you have other loans that are available to you, especially if you’ve been taking care of your credit score. According to utahmoneycenter.com, a title loan in Taylorsville is easier to get if you have a great credit score, but some providers will let you get a loan anyway even if your score isn’t too good. They might charge a slightly higher interest, though, and consider only if you have the capability to pay it back.

A loan like this involves handing over the title to your car, SUV, ATV, boat, or some other vehicle in exchange for cash. You don’t have to hand over the keys. However, you may have to pay back the loan with the interest within the next thirty days.

It’s not easy to be in a fix like this, but these options provide you with the opportunity to get back on track with your finances.