Re-keying vs. Replacing: Which is the Better Option?

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Locksmith Handing Over a Key

The security of a home dictates whether you live in comfort or fear. As a result, most families turn to replacing their locks to ensure that they are safe in their own homes after moving to a new house or losing their keys.

While replacing their locks will reinforce their security, Robinson’s Locksmiths explains that most people might only have needed to have a locksmith from Edgecliff to re-key their locks, and it would have been as effective. It is common to find most people torn between the two options and never being certain whether they went with the right choice. For you to make a more informed choice next time, you should ask these questions before making a choice between the two.

What Is Your Budget?

Your budget is a significant factor when choosing between the two security options. If you are on a budget, then re-keying might be a better choice. However, its low cost doesn’t mean that it will compromise your safety. It only means that you will beef up the security of your home at a favourable price.

Have You Experienced a Recent Home Invasion?

Burglars might have found their way into your home through a particular loophole in your security system. Identifying this loophole will help determine whether to re-key or replace your locks. You might not have to make any alterations on your lock systems if the intruders got in through a window. In case they circumvented your locks to get into your home, then replacing your locks is the better option. Besides, damaged locks may prove difficult to re-key.

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Have You Moved into a New Home?

After moving into a new home, be sure to review the security to determine what adjustments to make. New homes are more vulnerable to attack as you might not know everybody who has a spare key. Therefore, re-keying the lock systems of the house is necessary. Remember the goal is to keep out those with spare keys, and since they may not necessarily be burglars, you do not have to change the whole lock.

Security is paramount in any home. Therefore, it is essential to make adjustments to your lock systems to reinforce the security of your home. Eventually, you will be at ease knowing that your home is not vulnerable to attack.