Vol. 7: Joseph Crone - “A Prisoner of One’s Device”



Joseph Crone says, “My intention with this piece was to further explore the recesses and storytelling of the mind through the engaging issue of fluctuating human consciousness. I find that the human brain and altering imbalances within to be quite fascinating as I engage in the studies more deeply. My artistic career, as of recent works, has grazed the surface of mental instability and the grim moments one encounters due to my own chemical imbalance, diagnosed as BPD (bipolar disorder). Although these past instances were some of the darkest periods in my life, it has unlocked doors of opportunity for artistic interpretation and rich perspectives on the human psyche.  

 Conceptually focusing on these ideas through the engaging visuals of 1930’s noir, the decay of one’s self had been my first approach towards the theme, carefully planning and developing each range of emotion.  After scripted, references of the figure were compositionally staged and photographed, capturing each concentrated moment.

Visually, through the methodology of technical drawing on frosted acetate, I grasped these differing imbalances in a combined three scene, diptych fashion. I then executed the figurative matter with photorealistic meticulousness using my usual approach of colored pencils, reinforcing saturated depths and softened lights. Overall I feel that this piece to be one of my strongest yet, demonstrating an almost nightmarish delusion through the constantly changing, human mind.

You can learn more about Joseph at his website, www.josephcroneart.com.