ANNOUNCEMENT! The Theme for Vol. 14 is “Power and Corruption”

Did you know Ink Well Mag is based in Chicago? As the Windy City reels from yet another tale of political corruption this week, we figured it was a timely moment to announce the theme for Volume 14: “Power and Corruption”.


For this issue, show us what these big ideas inspire in you. Maybe important social or political causes come to mind. Maybe you want to draw awareness to a particular injustice. Or maybe there’s a powerful spark in your personal life that you want to explore. If life imitates art imitates life, as The Onion joked recently…why are you inspired to create works of art around these themes? What is the story you are trying to tell, the reaction you want to provoke, with your work? Send us your stuff. We want to hear from you.

We’re accepting submissions (click here for our very important guidelines  please) through Friday, March 29!