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Community Clean-up DriveAs a local business owner, you want to start out the right way and immediately build relationships with your community. Especially if you live and work in the rural areas, you cannot afford not to be neighbourly with the townsfolk; otherwise, they will stay away from your business, no matter how much they need your products or services.

Here are three ways to show your community that you value them.

Organise a Community Clean-up Drive

By organising a clean-up you are indirectly showing people that your business is good for them and for the environment. You will also get to meet many of the members of the community and have a chance to talk to them. Your employees should take part, and as they are likely to be locals too, they will gladly do it. Announce your plans at the town hall meeting and put up posters on bulletin boards. This is especially important if there are some environmental concerns, such as oil spills. With the right spill kit from Australia, you can take care of minor spills like that.

Start a Community Garden

This is the perfect step following your clean-up drive. Donate a piece of land and organise a garden planting activity in which everyone can join. It may help to work with local gardeners, as they understand how to do this better. You will also support other local businesses such as the garden supplies and seed store. The proceeds from the produce will go to a community fund or cooperative.

Sponsor Local Sports Teams

They take their sports seriously in the sticks. Often, an entire town would just drop everything during a football game with a rival town or school. Offer to sponsor the team’s uniforms. You may also donate refreshments during games. Small gestures like this will endear you to your neighbours.

It doesn’t take much to make you a town hero. You just need to get a feel of how your community will accept any of your projects. With the right effort, your business will gain more customers.

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