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Roof damaged by waterIf you have adequate coverage, and you know what to do once water damage happens, you can reduce the impact of the disaster. However, there are reasons your water damages insurance claim may suffer delay, underpayment, or even denial.

Do not take inventory of your damaged property

Pictures and videos are an excellent way of detailing structural damage and damage to personal property. If you want to complicate your claim, do not take pictures or video the water-damaged area and property, even when you have to make some repairs before the adjuster has seen the damage.

Be careless about what you clean up or repair

It is important to leave evidence of water damage in place until you have documented it and if possible until your insurance adjuster has seen it. Do not throw away things and do not be in a hurry to make structural or permanent repairs. Otherwise, it may be a case of your word versus the adjuster’s report.

Be disorganized when dealing with the insurance company

If you want to have a hard time proving your claim, be disorganized. Do not take notes of conversations you have with people related to your claim. Do not keep claim related bills, estimates, receipts and other relevant records in order.

And if you keep the documents, do not make an effort to understand what they are for and what they mean.

Do not understand your policy and do not seek help

You are likely to be underpaid if you do not understand the nuances of your coverage. You are also likely to be delayed or underpaid if you do not seek help from professionals such as public adjusters and claim attorneys.

Rashly accept the adjuster’s initial offer

If you feel that the insurer’s amounts do not correlate with necessary improvements, you have the right to consult an independent adjuster. Accepting an unreasonable first offer will get you underpaid.

There are actions you can take to complicate your water damage insurance claim. Now that you know how to get your claim delayed, underpaid, or denied, you can be sure to avoid sabotaging your claim.

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