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Job applicants waiting in line

Recruitment agency teamA finance-related job is one of the most sought-after occupations in the UK today. London remains a global economic hub while hundreds of multinational companies choose to establish their financial headquarters in the UK such as Lloyd’s of London, HSBC, Barclays and Standard Chartered.

Count the Ways

Employment opportunities range from accountants, chartered accountants, financial comptrollers, financial analysts, auditors and purchasing clerks, among others. Talent can work in any of UK’s three financial employment sectors: public practice (financial companies who work with a range of clients), industry and commerce (businesses who employ financial staff in-house) and the public sector (government, non-profits and charitable institutions).

While there is a steady demand for finance talents, not just any vacancy will do. The best way to ensure you land a good job is to partner with an equally good finance recruitment agency. This holds true for companies who need to build a strong team for their finance department.

Finding the Right One

Here are five things to look for in a great finance recruitment agency:

Match the right talent with the right job

They should employ staff who are well-trained in all stages of recruitment, implementing an organised process. They should also have a close engagement with clients to understand what they need.

Dedicated specialist recruiter

Helps the candidates develop hiring advantage. The firm Jennings Morton Friel Associates explains the role of the specialist recruiter in providing the candidate with a more competitive edge in the areas of technical know-how, specialised skills, and industry knowledge.

Update on industry knowledge

Maintains a current understanding of changing standards, regulations and new statutes as well as current issues facing the industry.

Adheres to industry best practices

The UK has various recruiter associations that uphold regulatory compliance and ethical practice in the recruitment industry such as transparency, honesty in all dealings especially in fees and adherence to the principles of truth in marketing and advertising.


More than the standard services, a good recruitment agency extends personal support to its pool of talents in the form of career development and guidance to navigate the financial industry norms of long hours and stressful deadlines.

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