August 18, 2019
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Recycling of waste oilIt may be time for you to exchange that car for cash instead of leaving it in your garage. You can have it towed away to the recyclers for scrapping. This helps reduce energy usage and consumption of raw materials. The recycling experts at LKM present the reasons why you should get your car scrapped.

Reason for recycling

Steel and other metals are retrieved from car parts and can be reused for some other purpose. Recycling steel produces less air pollution, water pollution and less mining waste. Materials such as oil and brake fluids are disposed of safely.

Recycling of batteries

Batteries include heavy metals and toxic chemicals that could contribute to pollution and soil contamination. They all contain lead, which is very harmful to the brain and kidney if ingested. When you recycle batteries, it prevents sulphuric acid and lead from leaking into the soil and the environment. Also, the components in the batteries can be used to manufacture new ones.

Recycling of tyres

Stocking up unwanted tyres can attract mosquitoes and could become a fire hazard. Also, burning them will cause air pollution, and the run-off from the same contaminates ground water. They can be recycled into vegetable planters, compost bins, and could be used for road surfacing.

Recycling of waste oil

Even though used oil is dirty, it can be cleaned and reused for other uses. They can be used as an additive for other products, lubricant for machines, hydraulic oil, and as bitumen for other products.

The rise of car use calls for the urgent, efficient dismantling and recycling of old cars and other vehicles.  Doing this comes with so many benefits to sustainability, such as energy savings, environmental improvement, and even employment. If you would like to do your part, call for a local scrap car removal company.

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