August 18, 2019
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Natural CopperSupply and demand influence the prices of scraps. To get the best out of dealing with scrap metal recyclers in Auckland, you have to learn a few things about scrapping copper wire. Before calling the local scrapper to pick up the fruits of your labour, you better pay attention to what we have to say.

Processing tips

Copper (Cu) wire or cable as well as copper alloys are in high demand all the time. Copper is a metal used for a variety of applications. Obviously, it is a key component of electrical wiring systems, but it also used in electronic devices, motors, construction, and various industrial processes.

It is less costly to recycle copper than to process them from virgin ore. Copper recycling has been going on for thousands of years before the first scrap metal facilities. Machines can strip kilometres of wire in no time. Since you do not have one of these machines at home, what do you employ for removal of wire insulation?

Using sharp objects

A knife is the handiest tool you can use to remove insulation from copper cables and wires. If you are keen on collecting copper scraps to earn pocket money, you had better figure out a way to remove the insulation without compromising your safety or adding pollutants to the environment.

Grades of copper

Recyclers classify the copper scraps they receive by different grades. If the scraps have bits of insulation or paint (in the case of copper pipes), recyclers classify it as #2 Copper. As such, copper scraps with any kind of coating or covering, or have dirt or rusting that is not extensive is acceptable to dealers.

If the copper does not have a coating or fittings, not mixed with other metals, and has a clean appearance, its grade is #1 Copper. Copper that is classified as “bright and shiny” fetches the highest price.

Copper is a useful metal that is essential in many industries and manufactured products. Learn about its preparation so that you may get the best available deal for copper scrap.

Darnell Rollison