August 18, 2019
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Retail attendant assisting a customer

Retail attendant assisting a customer

The faster you sell, the sooner you can cover your overheads, make a profit, and grow your business. Nobody wants to waste time when it comes to doing business.

There are slow days in retail, but overall you can improve how fast your goods leave the shelves. Here are some ideas.

Monitor Customer Activity

Customer interest is short. Now that they can get anything online, that short attention span is even shorter. Watch their moves and know the signs indicating whether they are about to make a purchase or lose interest. The faster you can determine this, the sooner you can take action to keep them interested (if they were about to leave) or please them with a quick and hassle-free transaction.

Become a Professional Salesperson

This is the only way – apart from years of experience – you can determine what signs customers are showing you. You and your sales team should sign up for retail management training programs by The Friedman Group to improve your communication, engagement, and selling skills.

Know When to Back Off

If a person is “just looking” and not ready to buy just yet, you can still make a few subtle moves to speed up their decision. But after those subtle hints, if the customer isn’t ready yet, don’t rush them. Some customers like to mull things over to arrive at the best decision before they buy.

Know Whom Exactly to Sell To

Is the person you are talking to the same person who will make the purchase decision? Or are they a representative? While the person who sent them may value their input, the person in front of you may not have the authority to decide. If you think this person is wasting your time, don’t try too hard. You could be wasting time and other resources on a weak lead.

All of these ideas suggest one common theme: understanding customers. By getting the right training and practice, you can have a better grasp on what customers truly want and which customers are worth your time and resources.

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