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Lazaux Region in SwitzerlandSwitzerland is home to the Central Alps. The famous mountain range consists of 65% of the country’s territory. The Swiss Alps are steep, and glaciers cover 3% of Switzerland. The attraction for the Swiss Alps is one of the reasons millions of tourists visit the country every year.

If you want to experience the stunning beauty of this place in the best way possible, Alpenwild has some important tips for you.

See the local sites

Heaven on earth—that is a very good description for the Swiss Alps. If you prefer exploring the outdoors to enjoy the city’s beautiful tourist spots, then a walking tour is for you. However, you must get there first. Taking a long drive through the winding roads is highly recommended. The mountainous areas between St. Moritz to Zermatt offer spectacular views that the drive alone would be worth it.

Once you see the Matterhorn peak, you’ll know that you can cross out one item on that bucket list. Choose a great location such as Zermatt and ask locals for a great place for a family picnic. That’s a great way to kick off your family vacation in the Swiss Alps. Walk around and explore local spots where you can take photos and create memories with the people you love.

Have fun on the snowy slopes

First-time visitors should make time to engage in outdoor activities. Other than spectacular views in every direction, Switzerland is also a great place to learn winter sports. In mountain resorts, the air is cold and crisp and there is snow everywhere. The jaw-dropping scenery gets even more interesting when you put on the gear and try skiing for the first time. Skiing could be the best thing you can ever do on your Swiss holiday.

There is snow up in the mountains all year round, and at this time of year, the highest peaks would be fascinating to see. This could be the best time to go on holiday to Switzerland!

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