August 24, 2019
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Handwritten Correspondence Service

Handwritten Correspondence ServiceThe art of correspondence is no longer a common habit. Nowadays, people consider handwritten letters as a fad or a hobby when it has many other benefits and can be quite profitable. Make the most of this niche market and create a business out of letter writing.

Learn Different Styles

Regardless of your penmanship, people will often want to choose unique and traditional-looking calligraphy if they want something written. By practising at least three simple fonts online or in books, you can shift your hand for unique letters in business, family, and romance. Regardless of your choices, there should be one block, one script, and one fancy font to master.

Create an Online Shop

While you’re advocating something outside of modern technology, it’s to your benefit if you used the web to your advantage. Have a website created where your customers can chat with you and even create or pay for orders. Social media is the marketing tool of the future, so set up a page that you can connect to your website. Upload photos and videos of your work regularly and create contests and promotions to encourage purchases.

Invest in Tools

While the content of the letter is important, the way it’s packaged also matters. Go to an online or physical crafts shop and see what kind of envelopes fit your style and your potential clienteles’ preferences. Add to your selection of paper, writing instruments, and inks for continuous variety.

Signet says that you can have metal badges and seals custom-made for your shop, which would mean a few extra dollars when your clients want to up the ante on their letters.

While it’s easy to get into this type of market, the real challenge is proving you to be the better choice among competitors. It’s a unique service that has exacting standards, excellent skills and exceptional creativity. Start small and create a solid customers base and support group so you can succeed.

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