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Group Of Families Celebrating Child's Birthday At HomeGender reveal parties are uncommon in the Philippines. Friends and relatives just eagerly message the parents-to-be or ask the grandparents about the gender of the baby. Some parents even prefer to wait until the birth to announce if it’s a boy or a girl. But for those who don’t want to keep their loved ones in the dark, or for those who think a lengthy Facebook post is not enough to celebrate their bundle of joy, a gender reveal party is the way to go.

Choosing the Venue

First, parents-to-be should carefully consider the venue of their party. After all, special celebrations deserve special venues, according to lnc-communitycenter.com, the community center site of Lancaster New City in Cavite. Parents could opt to host at their house to enhance the feeling of intimacy. Alternatively, they could go for a clubhouse venue that could accommodate all their guests. In choosing the location, they should assess which location is suitable for decorations and the number of guests.

Balloon Box Reveal

Once they’ve decided on the venue, it’s time to think about the main event — the gender reveal. One of the most common ways it’s unveiled is through balloons in a box. Parents could stash either blue or pink balloons in a big, decorated carton box and close it with a loosely tied, neutral-colored ribbon. Once the ribbon is pulled, the balloons will fly out, revealing the baby’s gender. If the parents want to be surprised, they could ask their close friends or parents to fill the box for them.

Sweet Surprise

Filipinos love food, so it’s ideal to use it to disclose the baby’s gender. Parents could bake a surprise cake that contains either pink or blue candies inside. The cake should be decorated plainly, so it looks unassuming on the outside. Once the parents cut it, pink or blue treats will tumble out. They could also serve guests with cupcakes with pink or blue filling or native desserts, like pink or blue puto or gelatin.

Learning the gender of their child is a magical moment for parents. While some like to keep it private, others want to share their happiness with the world and throw a gender reveal party. At the end of the day, though, it’s all about celebrating special moments with the special people in their lives.

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