January 19, 2019
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When students hear the word “school excursion,” their eyes instantly light up. Anything that has to do with going out of school with their classmates always sparks a student’s excitement. If you’re on the school’s end, though, you would know that such an outing requires a considerable amount of planning. You’ll need to consider a […]

Skateboarder Doing a Trick in a Skate Park

There are many reasons you may want your teen to participate in sports while at school and outside. It’s a proven fact that kids who take part in sports perform better academically, socially, psychologically and physically. Use these four incentives to increase your child’s interest in sports. Buy them sporting gear and equipment Your child […]


The quality of education that a student receives is essential to their success in a competitive job market. As such, parents are particular about the kind of schools where they enroll their children. Schools with high reputations are, of course, part of their list. In some instances, parents make a decision as soon as their […]

Teaching Assistant in London

The responsibility of educational staff has revolutionised over time with a more inclusion of pupils with special needs. This has caused a demand for more support in the classes; a major role of the teaching assistants in learning institutions. Government Involvement The Government also seeks to raise the learning standards. The way teachers should handle […]

Classroom Design

Classrooms have remained virtually the same in terms of design even after a century. The teacher or instructor stays in front with a table. A whiteboard or a projection screen hangs over the front wall. The students are all seated, perhaps in individual tables or shared tables, with everyone facing the teacher and the front wall. […]


The United Arab Emirates, as a fast-growing cultural capital, provides its writers opportunities to be creative and publish their work. The high levels of human development and assorted nationalities open up languages, along with its diverse cultures for literary themes. Arabic is the national language, but English is widely used, most especially for business and […]