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120 Seconds With…Andy Kistner

Andy is the creator of Everything’s Fine.

  • Day job: Front Office Supervisor at a 297-room hotel.
  • 3 favorite authors: Hopefully no one judges me too harshly on this but I am not much of a reader.  If I’m looking to stimulate my mind, relax or looking to find inspiration, I willsketch or paint over reading a book.
  • 3 artists you most admire: Dali, Banksy and Gary Larson (yes, the guy who drew The Far Side cartoons)
  • How would you describe your artistic/writing style? I guess this question is a little more difficult to answer than I thought. I have never exactly tried to follow a specific style. What I do now has evolved over the years. If we’re going to attach an “ism” to it… I guess we’ll have to call it alcoholism.    
  • Tell us about an underappreciated artist, gallery, writer, or bookstore do you think people should know about: People often talk about how Minneapolis is a progressive city for the arts. I have found that the art scene in this city is very cliquey and I cannot get the time of day from other artists or galleries. I have been trying conventional routes for years and it seems that if you are not a Pollock rip-off or a minimalist, most artists and galleries don’t want you. I guess that calls for a special thank you to the Ink Well team for letting me show a piece!
  • How has your artistic/ literary style changed? Have you lost anything or found anything during your development? I would say the the biggest change in my style came about ten years ago. I started to create with more soul than I had before. A lot of it came from hurt. The only way I could contain that hurt was through art. If it were not for my creative outlet, I’m not sure where I would be right now.
  • As we move into the holiday season, do you have any traditions you keep? Along with working in hotels comes working holidays. The one day that I try to have off from work is Christmas Eve. It’s a time that I really look forward to being able to spend time with my family.
  • In my creative space, I have a hodge-podge of found items that inspire me. Do you have any collected items that inspire you? I can’t afford studio space, so I find room to create in multiple places in my house…Trying not to be too much in the way of roommates.
  • Where would you love to get lost for a day? One of my favorite things to do is to get lost in the park with my dog, snapping outdoor pictures along the way.
  • What’s the last thing you lost/ misplaced? Where did you find it? I lost my phone… after what seemed to be an eternity of searching, I found it under my bed.