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A Blackboard with Buyer Persona Written On It

A Blackboard with Buyer Persona Written On ItPersonas have been around for many years; it started with traditional marketing and is becoming a part of the strategy of many online marketers. A persona adds a human face to your brand, in today’s anonymous world of bots and trolls, an actual person representing a brand is a welcome change.

A digital advertising agency in Melbourne cites the following ways on how you can create a customer persona.

The Basic Template

Experts agree that the ideal numbers of personas for a brand are three to five; this number is adequate to cover many your customers but small enough to be specific. The initial template includes the usual basic information such as a name, job and its description, age, gender, location, education and if they are single or with a family.

The template provides you with a guideline when you start creating and disseminating your brand message. This also adds a face to your campaigns; this gives you an opportunity to connect with your audience and form a community with them.

Making it Specific

After you cover the basics using the template, you can be more specific to attract the people you want to your brand. Start by adding hobbies, real quotes from customer interviews, blogs they read on a regular basis, news websites they frequently visit, and other similar bits of information. The details of a persona may vary from niche to niche, adjust accordingly.

Use the Numbers

Before you create a persona, study the analytics of your business; a database of clicks, who they are, what they do and their online behaviour is a goldmine of information. Use these numbers to determine the template of your persona. Data will give you a clear picture of who your target market is, allowing you to clarify your brand message and make a good sales pitch.

These are some of the ways to help you create the right customer persona for your campaign. These will act as your guidelines to improve conversion rates and connect with your audience.

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