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E-LearningTo reduce the time it takes to teach something to new hires, people now use online induction. However, most department heads and managers make the mistake of just sending the link and expecting people to understand the program. Well, there are still factors to consider before releasing an induction program into the corporate jungle.

Pre-Release Testing

A change in the system causes more than a little upheaval. There will be learning curves, education on the new programs, and the inevitable trial and error process. Pick out two or three small groups or teams for testing.

Group them heterogeneously so each team has members with varying levels of computer comprehension, technical know-how and communication skills. Select leaders and assistants you will personally train beforehand.

Test Supervision

It’s the managers’ responsibility, working in tandem with the most proficient employees, to assess the areas that are easy to learn and assimilate into the system. Velpic says online training programs come with an easy to use interface, but work on finding areas requiring modification and polishing to make the training lesson easy to understand.

Work on what the beta testers find good and bad in the new process because it means you’ll know where to invest your budget. For instance, induction training in the construction industry can help minimise accidents when updated with newer safety measures.


The testing phase will last from weeks to months, depending on how different the new program is. Note that there’s no point in rushing anything because it will only leave more errors and potential rehashing. Once you’re sure the testing has yielded the best results, follow the pre-release method and introduce the new system to the next batch of employees.

Anything new needs to be tested and tried before a company can use it. Even if it’s already gone through the testing phase and is ready for use, there’s always room for improvement and growth.

Analyse your process and the results to see improvement. And always remember that training doesn’t end with the software in use. Like your business, improve and refine these programs regularly.

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