3 Alternative Uses for Traffic Cones

Posted on by Ink Well Mag

Traffic cones on the side of the roadApart from controlling traffic flow, did you know that there are other alternative uses for traffic cones? Whether you have existing ones or you are purchasing a new batch, here’s how you can use traffic cones at work or anywhere else:

Let people know about dangerous and/or restricted areas

In a construction site, you can definitely make use of traffic cones to warn workers, clients, and pedestrians about dangerous areas. You can also use them to keep people out of restricted areas. A traffic cone is a strong visual that automatically tells people that a site is either dangerous or off limits.

Use them as warning message stands

There are cases wherein the mere sight of traffic cones are not enough. If you need to place additional warnings, you can use traffic cones as message stands instead of printing new posters. Turning traffic cones into a signpost help convey your message across better and faster. Traffic cones make your sign more visible to employees, clients, and pedestrians — not just in a construction site, but also in the corporate workplace.

Use them to make an obstacle course

Schools can definitely make use of traffic cones at the gym, or other parts in the grounds. You can use them to make an instant obstacle course or mark off goals whenever the kids play soccer indoors. You can attach a hula-hoop ring on top of the traffic cones so the kids can play a toss game. The ideas are endless and best of all, they’re affordable.

Traffic cones are versatile items you can use on and off the road. In fact, it makes sense to buy some and stash them in your car’s trunk, so you can use them in cases of emergencies. At least two or three will do.

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