3 Important Steps When Planning a Wedding Proposal

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Wedding Proposal in BoiseAsking your girlfriend to marry you is one of the most frightening yet fulfilling things you have to do to finally start your life together as a married couple. This moment is like the cultivation of everything you’ve ever gone through together. Make sure you give it justice. Here are some things you need to take care of before asking that all-important question that will change your lives.

Ask Her Parents’ Permission

Even though it’s not a prerequisite to asking the girl’s parents before asking her to marry you, it is respectful to do so. If you are close with her family in the first place, this won’t be a big deal anyway. Keep the tradition of asking her parents’ permission so you can show them how serious you are about their daughter and how ready you are to start your life together.

Find the Perfect Ring

The engagement ring that will accompany your question is one of the most important elements of your proposal. That’s why you should visit as many Boise jewelry stores as you can until you find the perfect engagement ring that your girlfriend deserves. Think about her personality when choosing the ring. Find out her ring size and if she prefers a certain stone, so you can get the right ring for her.

Keep It Private

This will be one of the most romantic moments you’ll ever have together. If you can, try to keep it as private and as intimate as possible. Make sure the venue is where you can focus on each other and she can clearly hear everything you’re saying, or else it might be a disaster. If you need to tell anyone, limit it to only a few people whom you truly trust.

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Follow these suggestions to make your wedding proposal one for the books. With the right plan, you’ll surely get the response you want an take your girlfriend’s breath away.