Bed Bug Treatment: What are Your Options?

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Bed BugAre you struggling with a bed bug infestation that just won’t leave your home? Once your home is bug-infested, it can be challenging to get rid of those creatures. It is for this reason that you should only engage professional bed bug treatment companies. lists the three main methods that you can choose to exterminate those bed bugs in your home.

Whole room heat treatment method

This method involves the use of special equipment to raise temperatures in your home to as high as 118°F, leaving it that way for at least six to eight hours. This process kills bed bugs and their eggs within the first 90 minutes.

Portable monitors and interceptors

These devices have gained massive popularity due to their effectiveness in bed bug extermination. The monitor is equipped with an attractive chemical spray, which lures the bugs into an inbuilt trap where they eventually die.

Interceptors, on the other hand, are sort of moat-style equipment that traps bed bugs. They are lined with talcum powder and attached on the legs of furniture or beds. Bed bugs get trapped inside where they die.

Insecticide treatment

This method requires that you use at least three types of insecticides. They include a fast-acting agent, residual agent, and dust insecticide. The first acting agent is majorly used on the surfaces that are mostly touched by people around your home. The residual agent is used in crevices and cracks, and lastly, dust insecticide is used in baseboards and electrical outlets.

Bed bugs can be both stubborn and a nuisance. As such, the sooner you get rid of them, the better. Therefore, always avoid any DIY measures as they will only give room for the critter to multiply. Instead, invest in high-quality modern bedbug treatment methods.

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