Characteristics that Make a Courier Service Your Top Choice

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A courier delivering parcelsIn Canada, the number of delivered and shipped letters and parcels throughout and from the country reach billions every single year. This massive volume of shipments, primarily due to the booming e-commerce industry, has then resulted in the drastic increase in demand for courier services too.

And while the country has its own uniform postal system in the form of Canada Post, the fact that majority of letters and parcels go through it means the potential for delays.

Delays are occurrences that businesses owners involved with operations requiring a courier service in Ottawa should not allow to happen. Courier firms such as 10-21 Sunrise can help them in this area.

This is especially true with today’s consumers demanding timeliness of delivery. The good news is, you have several other options when it comes to couriers. The key is to ensure that you only work with one that possesses all these characteristics.

On-time delivery, without any delays

One of the main reasons behind the consumers now opting for parcel shipping solutions rather than traditional methods is because they need the speediest delivery/shipping possible. This is especially true for both wholesalers and retailers, seeing as they need and want to make good on their ETA (estimated time of arrival) promise to their customers.

Regular post, although it does cost less, can experience delays, putting a strain on shipper-customer relationships. Courier services, on the other hand, specialize in next-day, even same-day delivery solutions, giving senders assurance that their recipients will get the parcel on time.

Delivery of parcels in perfect condition

When choosing a courier solution, make sure that you check not just their history when it comes to timeliness of service, but also the condition of the parcels they handle.

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You definitely do not want your customers to receive their purchased items with damages, which can lead not just to frustrated clients, but major losses on your part too. This said, you would want to work with a business that makes use of quality packaging supplies aimed to protect the contents of the parcel.

Do not risk your business due to delivery delays or damaged products upon receipt; make sure you choose a courier service that boasts of these characteristics.