Hot Food! 3 Restaurant Trends Diners are Eating Up

Posted on by Ink Well Mag

Fast Food Restaurant‘Fast-casual’ dining. Nude restaurants. Food trucks. Never has the world of dining seen such thrilling concepts. What does this mean for your food business? It means catching up with your competitors or surpassing them, in order to increase diners in your restaurant.

Even billion-serving fast food chain McDonald’s is changing a bit, introducing surprising additions to its menu, such as the vegetarian burger with gluten-free bun and veggie patty. Meat-free burger from a fast food chain is just the tip of this ever-evolving culinary iceberg.

Here are three food trends your business may want to consider:

1. Quality and Freshness

Customers want to eat quality, fresh food. Frozen meats and seafood, and stale produce are no longer going to cut it. People want to know where their food comes from and if the ingredients are safe.

In response, restaurants are sourcing local and seasonal ingredients to please palates. Other dining places are developing menus around the farm-to-table concept. With the increasing number of farmers’ markets in New Zealand, your restaurant shouldn’t have trouble finding the freshest ingredients.

2. Specialised Diets

Restaurants now recognise diners with special dietary needs. Instead of simply preparing special requests, chefs include options for specialised diets in menus. And while a gluten-free, vegan dish or low-carb, low-fat meal costs more than usual menu items, diners are willing to pay more.

In addition to offering special options with dishes, restaurants are also embracing technology to serve up healthy food. For example, chefs rely on oil filtration machines to remove particle contamination from cooking oil. The machine reduces carbon in the oil, leaving fried food tastier and healthy.

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3. Nutrient-dense Dishes

Diners not only want quality, fresh food. They want superfoods. Your restaurant can entice loyal following with savoury dishes containing chia seeds, faro, seaweed, and moringa, which is the new super green.

Foodie culture is also creating a population of diners preferring organic, grass-fed and less processed food. Overall, food trends indicate a rising need for healthier, natural dishes. Respond to this diner demand and your restaurant may be ‘savouring’ profits in the future.