Interview Questions That Reveal Emotional Intelligence

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Recruiter interviewing a potential employeeDeciding which candidate to hire for the job opening plays a huge role in developing the culture of the company and guaranteeing its eventual success. Whilst various businesses represent different cultures and values, the emotional intelligence of an employee greatly impacts success at work.

Other than conducting a national police check in Australia, this is an attribute that you should not ignore when choosing applicants. Here are some of the questions that will reveal the applicants’ emotional intelligence:

Who is your inspiration and why?

Their response usually provides you with a peep into who they model themselves after. The applicants’ answer can also detail the types of behavioural patterns that they look up to.

If you were to start your own business today, what should be its top three values?

Every great relationship begins with aligned values and trust. Understanding the priorities of an individual, aside from integrity and honesty, can emerge in their response.

Did you form long-lasting friendships while you were working at your past employment?

It usually takes time to form relationships, especially everlasting ones. If they did reveal that they were able to do so, it is a great indicator of strong emotional intelligence. A lasting friendship means they value relationships and care about people.

If the priorities of the business changed, can you describe how you will be able to assist your team in understanding and accomplishing the altered goals?

Priorities change in a company and this happens to most. That is why you must find applicants who are flexible no matter what their role is in the company. Find individuals who show empathy, are self-aware and motivated. These qualities will help them function well in teams.

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The questions above will reveal answers from potential employees that you interview. This way, you are one step closer to hiring employees with great emotional intelligence.