Movin’ On Up: How to Start Your Own Moving Company

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Movers unloading boxes from a trailer vanOne of the most lucrative business opportunities you can explore –  the moving and storage industry – regularly clears around $3.6 billion a year. Most moving companies are small scale, mom-and-pop operations that serve their community and the neighboring areas.

While operating a small moving company can be financially rewarding, stepping up your business to become a lucrative, transnational powerhouse involves looking beyond your current needs and seeing the bigger picture. This transition becomes easier with the right foundation.

Here are some things to consider when starting a moving company.

Purchase the Right Equipment

While finding the right truck(s) is the first step to starting your own moving company, other equipment like ropes, gloves, braces, dollies, and packaging material should all be part of your budget plan. Consider selling boxes along with your services in order to maximize profits with promos.

Although trucks are meant for heavy-duty work, they need regular maintenance, too. Investing in a mechanic or a garage can easily save you thousands of dollars in repair costs through preventive maintenance.

Finance Options

Starting a small-to-medium moving company can be low-cost, especially if you already own a truck or a van. However, if you want to go big, purchasing the right equipment, permits, licenses, insurance, and all the necessary facilities for a large-scale operation requires the proper financing options.

One of the best things to consider when you start a moving company is partnering with an established franchise. A franchise operation can provide you with financing plans, not to mention certifications and a brand name for you to grow your business and expand your network.

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Trained Movers Move Best

Investing in a franchise usually means access to programs for movers to be professionally certified. Having a professional mover in your crew tells your customers that you value their property, and that they can rest assured that your business operates high standards of professionalism and safety.