The Different Types of Power Drills & Bits for your Construction Needs

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power drillNo matter what construction project you are working on, the tools you use matter the same way the design of the building does. And if you’re using power tools like drill bits, knowing which to use is also important.

The experts at Herrick Industrial Supply say the right drills and bits must be used – or else, you’ll eventually encounter major problems with the construction project.

Common Drills

Corded power drills and cordless power drills are perhaps the most common drills used in construction. You can use either type to drill into materials like metal, wood, brick, concrete, tile, plastic, and glass.

Hammer Drills

Other than the corded and cordless type, you can use an SDS percussion drill, which not only drills but also hammers into the material. The tool can be great for masonry when you need to chisel and shape a building component.

Heavy Duty Drills

For heavy duty drilling, you can use high torque drills, which are best for drilling through thick wood or metal. As the name suggests, this drill type produces a high level of torque that allows it to drill onto thick material.

Common Drill Bits

Besides drills, you also need to use the correct bits to drill the correct size of holes. High speed steel (HSS) bits are typically used on corded or cordless drills. Other bits include brad point (wood) bits, ideal for wood, plastics, or dowels. Masonry bits, on the other hand, can be used on hammer drills to drill through stone, brick, or concrete.

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Other Drill Bits

There are many other drill bits for different purposes. These include multi-purpose bits, cobalt HSS bits for high tensile steels, and reduced shank HSS bits for wider diameter holes. With the right bits and the right tools, you can avoid wasting material and money.

More than choosing the right drill and drill bit for your construction needs, it is also important to source the tools for reputed suppliers.