The Exciting Field of Psychology: Top Careers to Consider

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Psychologist in practicePsychology is a highly interesting field. As the scientific study of the human mind, psychology opens windows for understanding human behaviour. This may provide knowledge regarding the treatment of psychological problems, which are not limited to a medical setting.

bachelor’s degree in psychology opens doors to different careers in this exciting field. For those studying psychology or are interested in earning that degree, you may be pleased to know the following careers waiting for you.


The stereotype of a psychologist helping people to understand themselves is true. As a counsellor, you may help many people who have issues with their marriage, emotions, families and even addiction to alcohol or drugs. You will likely be in a social welfare or a healthcare setting, but you may also work for the government. You may likewise start a private practice.

School Counsellor

Many schools need a resident psychologist to help students with academic, emotional, family or social issues. There is an increase in interest in children’s mental health these days, so there is no shortage of career openings in this work setting.

Forensic Psychologist

If you are interested in solving crimes and upholding the law, forensic psychology is the career for you. Thanks in part to the positive portrayal of forensic psychologists in popular media, many young people are interested in studying this field. You will be using psychology to help solve crimes during investigations, and may occasionally testify in court regarding your findings.

Sports Psychologist

This career in psychology has garnered positive attention. When the Los Angeles Lakers won a championship in 2010, Metta World Peace (formerly Ron Artest) thanked his psychologist for helping him focus on his game, which ultimately helped his team win. That was a proud moment for sports psychology.

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Motivation and focusing on performance are part of the job, but you may also need to help athletes go through the challenges of recovering from an injury and getting their game back on track.

Perhaps there is no shortage in careers as far as a degree in psychology is concerned. Think about studying this exciting field and learn more about the human mind and behaviour.