Winter Festivals to Experience in Japan

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Family Ski Holiday in JapanThe French and Swiss Alps are the two places that come to mind when one thinks of snow and winter wonderland. For those looking for an alternative, Japan is a nice choice because it provides similar landscapes and opportunities to ski or snowboard. However, the country has more to offer in terms of experiences other than sports.

When you look at Japan ski packages, here are some festivals to consider.

Snow Light Path Festival

The nearby Sapporo Festival gets more fanfare, but the festivities in Otaru are just as pleasant. This fishing town decorates a certain path with various lights and snow lanterns that add wonder to winter. The illumination lights up the night sky and is perfect for snapping photos and making memories.

Yokote Kamakura Snow Festival

If you love history, this is a festival worth visiting and experiencing. The festivities date to as far back as 400 years and are also one of the cutest snow events of the year. The locals of Yokote in Akita Prefecture push snow together to make adorable houses. These new creations, Kamakura, will only last for two days and act as tributes to their water god. Visitors can enter these temporary structures to taste warm rice wine and rice cakes.

Dosojin Matsuri

This festival takes place in Nozawa Onsen, as its name implies, it is famous for hot springs. The festival does not involve onsens, but an unusual ritual. The festivities are about the cleansing of two age groups of men, which are 25 and 42, which are unlucky in Japanese culture. Men gather and construct a wooden structure and lights it up. The whole village gathers around the bonfire to drink sake.

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These are just some of the winter festivals to experience in Japan’s different prefectures. These provide you with a taste of history and culture, with spectacular illuminations or festive activities.