May 25, 2019
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LaundromatHave you ever dreamed of having a business that requires little maintenance but can reap a lot of rewards? You may be thinking that’s quite impossible, but there’s one business that can give such results.

It comes in the form of a laundry business — particularly coin-operated ones.

But, as they say, nothing worth it ever comes easy. Laundromat owner Ben Shaw told The Sydney Morning Herald that it cost him and his business partner nearly $100,000 to set up their own coin laundry.

That may sound like a lot, but he says the return is rewarding. Shaw admits, he and his partner get around 25 to 30 per cent in returns from a business that doesn’t require much monitoring. The good thing about establishing a laundromat is that anyone can do it.

Be different

Since laundromats offer the same services, think of unique gimmicks to attract and keep customers. It helps that you have reliable facilities and a clean place. Try to build a one-of-a-kind waiting area. Most coin laundry businesses have vending machines and TVs. Why not add a couple of board games to keep customers company?

Get the right equipment

Customers don’t want to use old and defective washing machines. Shaw recounts, he and his partner bought an old laundromat and did the fit out themselves. That helped them save on costs. But if you’re not into doing the dirty work, hire companies for commercial plumbing. Perth has quite a lot of those. It’s essential that you maintain your place regularly as well, so nothing will go wrong with your business.

These two steps are what you need to start a laundromat. The rest will be up to you and how you market your business. Don’t be afraid to dive in, especially with a business that promises good returns.

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