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Skateboarder Doing a Trick in a Skate Park

Skateboarder Doing a Trick in a Skate ParkThere are many reasons you may want your teen to participate in sports while at school and outside. It’s a proven fact that kids who take part in sports perform better academically, socially, psychologically and physically.

Use these four incentives to increase your child’s interest in sports.

Buy them sporting gear and equipment

Your child will be more motivated to take part in a sport if they have what they need to play it. Identify what sport your teen enjoys and go out of your way to buy them the equipment they need for it. Purchase a skateboard grind rail for your son, for instance, if he loves skating, or build a small basketball court in your backyard if he likes the sport.

Focus on enjoyment

Too often, parents emphasize on achievement rather than the happiness kids get from playing a game. The result is that parents put a lot of pressure on their children, taking the fun out of the game. Try to focus on your child’s performance and forget the outcome of the game. The more your child enjoys the game, the better they become at it.

Don’t compare

It is quite normal for adolescents to make comparisons between themselves and their peers. This results in a significant dent in their self-image when they feel they are not good enough. Don’t make the situation worse by doing the same. Rather, explain to them that everyone is uniquely gifted and encourage them to focus on making themselves better.

Use positive reinforcement

Never miss an occasion to congratulate your child where they have made an improvement or achieved something. This is a powerful way to boost their self-confidence and get them looking forward to getting better. Buy them a present when you feel they have earned it, and they’ll be motivated to do it again.

There is a variety of ways to get your kids more motivated to participate in sports. Look for the most efficient one depending on your child’s tastes and preference. Above all, focus on the enjoyment part of the activity, and your kid will look forward to playing more.

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