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Bitcoin Bitcoin is still a bit of a mystery to many people. The idea of using virtual money to buy physical goods is not an easy one to understand. It is like convincing them that you can use FarmVille Cash to buy a burger, let alone a farm. However, if you really think about it, the pound notes you use every day is actually just bits of paper that someone said had so-and-so value. Bitcoins are not much different, and they are harder to steal than a pound note. The form is new, but the concept is not.

Here are some reasons from BITBROKER to buy bitcoin in the UK.

Merchants like it

Many more merchants are accepting bitcoins as payment because it costs them less in transaction fees. They also do not have to worry about charge backs or disputes for legitimate transactions through PayPal and credit cards, which can tie up their money for a long time. On the customer side, it is as convenient as any other method of online payment.

It is secure

You store bitcoins in a digital wallet much like you keep a pound note in a physical wallet. You have to protect it in the same way. However, it is more secure than credit cards, because hackers monitor transactions to access your credit card while bitcoin transactions are much less vulnerable in that way. The only way someone can steal your bitcoins is if you give your private keys or you give them access to your wallet. Encrypt your wallet and take care where you use it, and you should have no problems.

It is anonymous

Bitcoins trade like cash. No one needs to know who you are if you buy or sell directly from your bitcoin wallet. Some people consider this a negative, since they have no way of recovering stolen or lost bitcoins. However, it also means no one can trace you through your bitcoin transactions, which is how most identity thieves access sensitive personal and financial information.

Back in the day, it was hard to buy bitcoin in the UK, but that is no longer the case. Bitcoins are approaching mainstream acceptance in many parts of the world. You should seriously consider bitcoins as a payment method, especially for online purchases.

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