July 21, 2019
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Family enjoying party

Family enjoying partyWinter is over, and spring is here, meaning outdoor parties are now a good idea if you have a backyard big enough for it. Whether you’re planning to hold a kid’s party or a pool party with friends and family, here are four essential steps you need to do to host the best backyard party!

1. Prepare the Backyard

No one wants to see a messy backyard; that will ruin the party’s mood. Remove the dead leaves and branches from the pool and on the ground. That won’t stop more leaves from landing in your yard for the rest of the day, but at least it will look clean when your guests arrive.

Prevent mosquitos and other pests from beating your guests to the party – or worse, treating your guests as a buffet! Mosquito Shield of Northeast New Jersey says mosquitoes carry diseases that can be dangerous to humans and pets and are a nuisance in any outdoor party. Have pest deterrents around your yard to prevent guests from having to swat them throughout the day.

2. Prepare the Furniture

Make sure you have enough seats and tables for everyone. For larger parties, you may need to rent extra chairs. Or you may try to go creative: use picnic blankets instead!

If your party is expected to go well into the evening, prepare light fixtures ahead of time. Also, prepare extension cords for necessary appliances and arrange them so that they do not become a fire hazard or cause someone to trip and fall.

3. Keep Food Presentable

Food is one of the most critical parts to prepare for the party. Keep the food clean and presentable. Of course, this can be difficult when your guests start to get their food. Still, there are a lot of ways to keep food handling from getting messy. You can find inspiration from Country Living’s list of ideas.

Party planners tend to underestimate the amount of ice needed for a party. If you’re making your own ice, start making it days before the party. On the day, place ice, ice cream, and the like in the freezer until it’s time to use them; do not leave them out in the open.

With the winter season over, a backyard party is perfect for those who are longing to enjoy the outdoors. Whatever party you are planning to host, always be ready to handle any emergency so that you and your guests will have a great time.

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