August 24, 2019
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Being funny is such an Laughterattractive quality on people. It helps them connect and communicate with others, all through the magic of laughter. You’ll also find that humorous people attain success easier than most. There’s no secret to it, people just like individuals who can make them chuckle heartily. It’s even common for some professionals to moonlight as standup comedians.

In the corporate world, it’s tense. Employees are always trying to finish the most work and meet deadlines. They become so frantically busy that there’s no time to do anything else. In turn, they burn out fast and have a hard time to recover. To pick them up, managers usually bring motivational speakers with humorous insights.

One thing they do is offer a lighthearted perspective on a situation. With it, employees process stressful situations and displace frustrations and stress with joy.

People enjoy working with you

Spending in a cubicle finishing work will make people edgy. If you’re the one who breaks the tension by cracking a well-placed joke, they will love seeing you every day. After all, you’re practically their happy pill.

Humor is humanizing

If you tend to be more serious at work, it’s probably a good idea to take it easy once in a while. Making people laugh is more than an ice breaker. Moreover, if you hold a higher position, it’ll make your subordinates feel at ease around you.

Humor influences creativity, a lot

People with a positive mood, which might stem from laughter, have more ACC activity going on. It’s the part of the brain that correlates to creativity and solving problems. If you want proof that humor works, this is what you need.

Laughing helps boost morale

Most people prefer to laugh at work. It makes them feel better about what they do and eradicates that “servitude” environment.

It’s also important to remember that humor works on the right situation. Work on your timing first, then bust your co-workers’ stress with a one-liner.

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