April 21, 2019
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Man and woman consulting their financial adviser about retirementRetirement is something you want to be prepared for. And you’ve got years to do it–you can start as early as now to plan for your twilight years. Some doubles up on savings while others start to invest.

If you’re not sure of where to put your money to make sure you have enough when you retire, consider these ideas:

Start a Business from Home

Those family recipes can be put to good use, especially if you’ve mastered baked goods. Your children can sell them to their colleagues, or you can set up an online shop where people can send their orders, and you can fulfill the deliveries yourself or with assistance from a courier service. If you don’t want to start a business at home, you can also set up your own brick-and-mortar shop. Consult your financial advisers in CT to see the gains you get from this kind of venture.

Be a Consultant

If you’re not ready to let go of the workplace just yet, but you can’t work at full capacity anymore, use your expertise as an asset to the company by being a consultant. This means you’ll come in for important meetings, but you won’t have to be tied down to your desk full-time every day. You can also discuss a unique arrangement with your supervisor.


Now, this one might not be too rewarding financially, especially if you’re just starting the blog, but it can be rewarding in the sense that you’ll have an outlet for your emotions. This could be good for seniors who want to do some traveling as a way to enjoy their independence in their later years. You might have a niche out there–those nearing their retirement age and looking for productive use of their time.

You may be retired, but that doesn’t mean you’re not productive anymore. You just need to choose where you spend your time wisely.

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