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Website Design Concept

Website Design ConceptFor many websites, displaying content above “the fold” is a must, and for good reason, because it’s one of the best practices in web design. But the rise of tablets and smartphones has changed the way customers use the Internet and navigate the online world. These mobile devices have taught people how to swipe and scroll, paving the way for responsive design and the reinvention of web design.

What Exactly is “The Fold”?

“The Fold” originated from print publishing, specifically newspapers, because it’s a common practice for papers to be folded in half when displayed. This is a crucial space in newspapers and editors always use it for attention-grabbing headlines and impactful images to encourage people to buy the paper. In websites, the fold is the section of the page that’s automatically displayed to you without you having to scroll down.

Fast forward to 2017, is the fold still relevant in web design? Yes, it is, but not because of the exact reasons it once was, says a web design specialist in Connecticut. As you know, content marketing is extremely important. The “above the fold” rule was traditionally all about functionality and design, but it is now a key best practice for content creation and development.

In addition, a recent study found that users still gravitate to content above the fold. The only difference is that users don’t have the same amount of patience and attention span as before. This is primarily because of all the content that are easy to access, which makes getting the attention of readers more difficult than it was only years ago.

This means you can’t just fill the space above the fold with tons of information. The content should contain your value proposition explaining to users what your brand or business could offer.

Yes, the fold is still relevant. While it used to contain basic information about the website, it’s now being used to get the user’s attention and promote a product or brand. Monitor your visitors’ behavior to ensure that only valuable content remains on your website’s above the fold space. Your web design service provider can help you with this.

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