July 21, 2019
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Youtube being accessed on a smartphoneWhen it comes to data usage, a study showed that 58% of Americans used 78% of their mobile data to stream video content on their smartphones.

NPD Group’s Smartphone and Tablet Usage report revealed that users access videos through an app on their phone at least once every month. YouTube and Netflix are some of the websites that account for a large share of data demand among users.

Mobile Internet

The study may provide electronic contract manufacturing designers with some insights on how to improve the functionality of smartphones, especially for using them to stream videos. The study noted that Android phone users (49%) are less likely to stream videos compared to iOS users (66%).

YouTube remains the most popular video app for both user groups, as 45% admitted to using it every month. Netflix stayed relatively far behind with 18% of users having the app on their phones. The app has been more popular among iOS users (almost 25%) than Android users (10%). Brad Akyuz of NPD’s Connected Intelligence said that the competition in the smartphone market has gotten stronger due to a growing demand.

Competitive Edge

According to Akyuz, mobile carriers seek to have a competitive edge against their rivals by offering an attractive package for accessing content. Companies have sought to set themselves apart from others through this feature. The reason for Americans’ frequent streaming stemmed from the availability of phones with larger displays.

For those who want a bigger screen, they have relied on their TV-connected devices to stream videos, the report noted. In the second quarter of 2017, the number of TV-connected devices used for this purpose grew five percent year over year.

Mobile data consumption in the U.S. will continue to increase as more people will stay glued to their phones, particularly to access video content. Brands should take this as an opportunity to promote their content and their business.

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