June 25, 2019
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Football GameYou’re probably tuned into the telly waiting for the football game to start. Some of you might already be queued to take a seat at the Blacktown International Sportspark. Others are most likely outside the arena waiting for their favourite players to come out of the sctr.com.au sports buses. Each individual might be rooting for different teams, but when it comes to sports, valuable teams come from all around the globe.

The Dallas Cowboys Take the Lead

Out of the 50 most valuable sports teams around the world, 27 of the NFL franchises made it into the list. Among them, the Dallas Cowboys, worth USD 4 (AUD 5.33) billion, rank first. Their value increased by 25 per cent since last year. This is the first time a non-soccer team topped the list since forbes.com started it in 2011. Manchester United took the first spot for the first two years, while Real Madrid, who held the title for three years, got overthrown.

Forbes based the rankings on the current stadium deals and the enterprise values (equity plus debt). They evaluated NASCAR, football, F1, MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL teams for the past year.

Top 10 Most Valuable Sports Teams

Real Madrid took the second spot this year with their worth estimated at USD 3.65 (AUD 4.87) billion despite them gaining a 12 per cent value rise from a year before. On the other hand, they did claim the 11th European league title from their Atletico Madrid rival who got penalties in the finals. The Spanish team houses the globe’s highest-paid athlete Cristiano Ronaldo.

Taking the third spot is Barcelona, currently worth USD 3.55 (AUD 4.73) billion. This team is home to five-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi. The baseball team New York Yankees ranked fourth, worth USD 3.4 (AUD 4.5) billion, up by six per cent.

Manchester United got the fifth spot, followed by the New England Patriots, New York Knicks, Washington Redskins, New York Giants and Los Angeles Lakers. 

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