April 21, 2019
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Living in a beautiful home is Flooringwhat almost every person wants. The condition of the house speaks a lot about the occupant’s identity and social standing; an attractive home shows a well-off family underneath its roof. This is why every homeowner carefully considers the different aspect of the home. It is the utmost reflection of a family’s status.

After studying the house layout and design, a homeowner has to deal with the materials used for the house. From roofing to fencing, a person can choose from the array of housing components offered today. One tricky house part to decide on is the floor material, and the major dilemma involves tile and timber flooring Perth stores offer.

Housing experts suggest different factors in choosing the suitable element for your home, such as:

Variety of Choices

There are many options for both wood and stone flooring. Stone types include granite, limestone, marble, slate, travertine, and tiles. On the other hand, wood flooring either can be solid hardwood or engineered wood. Wood types for solid hardwood consist of French Oak, Tallowwood, Blackbutt, Jarrah, Spotted Gum, Grey Ironbark, Bullnose, Rosegum, Pacific Red Oak, Sheoak, European Oak, etc. Engineered wood use these types of wood as well, with layers of plywood improving the material’s stability and endurance.

Coating and finishes to match your personal style are possible for both stone and wood flooring are flexible for coatings and finishes that can match your personal style.


Stone floors are more likely to last long and can withstand extreme situations. Alternatively, treated and strengthened wood floors can resist twisting, compression, and other difficult conditions.


Both materials can survive mild natural calamities like earthquake and flooding. When it comes to accidents and mishaps, wood floors don’t pose any risks to households.


Wood floors, especially engineered wood, is a low-cost option, but stone floors can be a more economical choice on the longer run. Nonetheless, both materials have low-maintenance options that are easy on the budget.

Choosing the right floor material does not need to stick to one type only. There are homes that feature combinations of flooring depending on the part of the house used on. More than the aesthetic quality of the house, the homeowner should match the lifestyle of a family.

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