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European Union and British Union Jack flag flying in front of Big Ben and the Houses of ParliamentAccording to recorded statistics by VisitBritain.org, people visit London for tourism and business. With more than 18 million visitors in a year, you might think a lot of people are familiar with the City and what it has to offer. However, there are many things only a true-blue Londoner would know. For example, LHA London says that instead of staying in expensive hotels, choose to stay in cheap hostel accommodations in London. Here are some other things that visitors and international students could do when they visit the British Capital.   

The Parks

London has several parks, which include Hyde Park, St. James's Park, Crystal Palace Park, Richmond Park, and Hampstead Heath to name a few. These parks offer the visitor and the resident many different things, from seeing wild deer in Richmond, to swimming in the waters of Hampstead Pond. There's always something to do if you just want to go for a walk or do something different.  

The Museums

London's Museums house many of the world's greatest treasures. They have artefacts from Egypt, Greece, Rome, and other parts of the world. They also have amazing collections of fossils and specimens from creatures both extinct and living, as well as art and sculpture from every era. Most of all, all the Museums provide free entry.  

The Historic Buildings

Everywhere you go in London there is a building that is important due to its significance in history. Look for a blue plaque that informs visitors who, what, and when makes the building special. Chances are, you'll find someone you revere has visited a structure.   Any country or city has a lot of history, but none could measure up to London. For those who want to visit the Great City for a short vacation or if you intend to stay longer as a student or as a worker, you'll know that London compares to no other city.

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